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Tales of the Suburbs

Three darkly comic tales for anyone who’s

longed to see the other side of the rainbow

Available from Amazon Kindle for iPad, Kindle, and all reading devices

‘Justin David's tale of working-class gay life is a bittersweet, beautiful thing. The audience at Polari loved it – as well they should.’

Paul Burston,

Polari Literary Salon

TALES OF THE SUBURBS is a trilogy of queer coming-of-age short stories set in the West Midlands in the 80s and 90s. Three darkly comic tales for anyone who's ever longed to see the other side of the rainbow:

Unicorn - Jamie likes knitting and gender-bending: he's on the cusp of adolescence and he cannot understand the gulf between the lives of the pop stars in his scrapbook and his own humdrum existence. He's always sought the approval of the grown-ups around him but now he's starting to question them: Why is Uncle Freddy so mean? And what is Grandad's problem?

Mirror Ball - It's New Year's Eve. At a workingmen's club, everyone has dressed for the occasion – the dance floor is jostling with high heels, high hair and high expectations. For Jamie, this should be the biggest night of the year - he's got money in his pocket, his favourite hits are playing and the people he loves are all around him. But where has his best friend gone? And why does he feel so very far from home?

Trifle - It’s Christmas day. Jamie is back in suburbia, visiting from the new London home he shares with his boyfriend. Everything is as it always was: Nan is still mixing her drinks, the faux Grecian decorations are still where they always were and the awkward silences are still deafening. But this year Mum has made a few changes that not everyone is comfortable with. How will he cope? And will he discover he has more in common with his folks than he thought.

‘Justin David's trilogy, Tales of the Suburbs, reveals a true

writer's gift for comic and poignant storytelling, in which

pithy dialogue and sharp characterisation make for

compelling reading.’ PATRICIA ROUTLEDGE

Justin’s first novel is awaiting publication. ‘Feral’, set in Dalston, revolves around a little boy called Idris who believes he is actually a Princess. Idris is being raised by his terminally ill foster-carer on a sink estate in North London. Reminiscent of the circumstances behind cases like Victoria Climbie and that of 'Baby P', ‘Feral’ is a savage indictment of the world in which too many children live, but also the story of one child who through sheer strength of personality is seen and heard for himself.

‘Justin David's prose crackles with the broken dreams and grotesqueries of suburbia...’ ALEX HOPKINS, BEIGE MAGAZINE

'We couldn't help but smile knowingly to this hilarious trilogy

from Justin David. A delightfully witty read.' GAYTIMES *****


THE PHARMACIST is a powerful story of Billy, a young man drawn into the sphere of Albert — The Pharmacist — a compelling and damaged older man and drug dealer. As their relationship grows, fuelled by Albert's strange narratives and his endless supply of narcotics, the foundations of Billy's own life shift and change. Alive with the strange twilight times between day and night, consciousness and unconsciousness, this is a story of love, of loss and alienation.

Justin David’s novella, THE PHARMACIST was released as one of the first acquisitions in the MODERN DREAMS series by SALT Publishing.